Monesco Krinkle

Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country with the fourth largest population in the world. Consist of 34 major islands, the total number reaches 17,504 islands. Indonesia’s geographical location is strategically in between 2 continents and 2 oceans, this has a major influence on the natural situation and climate in Indonesia which also makes Indonesia one of the world’s largest country that rich of natural resources.

There are several things that make Indonesia rich in natural resources,:

  1. Indonesia is located in a tropical region that has high rainfall frequency so that various types of plants live and grow quickly.
  2. Fertile and abundant soil
  3. A tropical climate that provides Indonesia with higher biodiversity (flora and fauna) than other places on Earth.
  4. Indonesia is located on the equator, so we can enjoy the sun all year long
  5. The sun that shines all year makes Indonesia a suitable place for various plants.
  6. Waters that are warm enough to develop phytoplankton, so that various fish have sufficient food supply.
  7. Indonesia is located at the point of the movement of tectonic plates, resulting so many mountains that are rich of minerals.


Now we have the same mindset, Indonesia is a rich country, rich of natural resources, cultures, and flora and fauna. It is not a secret that Indonesian agriculture is one of the key sectors of the Indonesian economy. Agricultural products are very abundant and have been known throughout the world.


Monesco Biscuits

Just look at the facts above, Monesco under the umbrella of PT. Monde Mahkota Biskuit comes with an idea of unique and special biscuit innovations that have never been made before with the best and selected quality ingredients. To find the perfect taste, we have been through a long process of preparation and research. And in 2016, Monesco successfully launched their Coffee Biscuits, Cinnamon Biscuits, and Ginger Biscuit, called Monesco Krinkle, which those are biscuits with authentic and superior agricultural taste from Indonesia.

There are many reasons we chose the name Krinkle for our biscuits. Krinkle basically comes from an English word “Crinkle” which means “form small creases”. This is the identity of Krinkle, which in terms of shape, every edges of Krinkle form a shape similar to a wave that becomes uniqueness compared to other biscuits.

Krinkle is also taken from the word “Wrinkle”, which in informal English language means “a clever innovation”. This is a very meaningful implication that shows the exact identity of the product story itself which we developed based on a well-prepared idea. Product is first known from its name, from the name itself, this product is known. The name of a product represents the product identity. As how the history exists, great people are known by their name throughout the world because of what they have done. People talk about them everywhere, what they did was fantastic. We hope the same thing could happen to Krinkle, as also to represent the taste of Indonesia both locally and internationally and bring joy in every moment with Krinkle.


Why Coffee Biscuit?

Indonesia is the fourth largest producer and exporter of coffee in the world. Indonesian coffee has also been known by foreign country, such as in Japan, America, Russia, Singapore, Australia, China, Germany, Malaysia, Italy, Egypt, England, Belgium and Canada.

Coffee is an important beverage in most societies around the globe. From small kiosks, official store, and coffee shops are spread out everywhere. This has proven that coffee is very acceptable and loved by most people in the world, from young to old generation. The way to serve coffee is various from an instant coffee packed in sachet, or even more complex with coffee machine maker that we always see at the coffee shop.

Not only it is very delightful, it turns out coffee also have many benefits for our body, including:

  1. Coffee increases energy levels and makes us smarter
  2. Coffee helps burn fat
  3. Caffeine drastically increase physical ability
  4. Coffee contains important nutrients (Vitamins B2 & B5, Manganese & Potassium, Magnesium & Niacin)
  5. Coffee reduces type 2 diabetes
  6. Increase the amount of fiber consumed (1 cup = 1.8gr fiber)
  7. Coffee protects you from Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  8. Caffeine reduces the risk of developing Parkinson’s
  9. Coffee reduces the risk of liver cancer (40%) and large breast cancer (15%)
  10. Reducing the risk of stroke
  11. Coffee is effective for reducing pain (2 cups of coffee can reduce muscle pain after exercise as much as 48%)
  12. Reduce the risk of getting gout
  13. Coffee protects the liver
  14. Reduces spasms around the eyelids
  15. Coffee treats depression and makes you cheerful
  16. Black coffee prevents cavities
  17. Source of antioxidants


Why Cinnamon Biscuit?

Indonesia is known as one of the spice producers. One of the spices produced by Indonesia is cinnamon. Statistical data shows that Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of cinnamon beside cloves and crude palm oil. From here we want to bring domestic advantage to be shown to foreign markets.

In addition to the fragrant aroma, cinnamon is one of the spices that produce a sweet taste that is different from sugar in general, so it is suitable to be one of the special ingredients for Monesco Krinkle

Cinnamon also has many benefits for our body and health, such as:

  1. Controls blood glucose
  2. Anti-infection
  3. Improves brain function
  4. Lowers cholesterol
  5. Prevents cancer cell growth
  6. Warm our body up
  7. Prevents blood clots
  8. Embracing pain in rheumatoid sufferers
  9. Versatile medicine


Why Ginger Biscuit?

In Indonesia, ginger is one of the types of spices that must be available in the kitchen. Usually ginger will be used for cooking ingredient, most Indonesian dishes are cooked using spices that produce savory and authentic flavors.

Not only used for cooking ingredients, traditional Indonesian drinks use ginger as the main ingredient, this drink is called Wedang Jahe, “Wedang” itself is Javanese means “hot drink”, but in this case means “tea”. The aroma is fragrant, and the sweet taste is suitable when it is cold because it warms the body. Consumption of ginger can help reduce fats in our belly. Ginger is also a group of spices that are considered as stimulants, no wonder ginger is also used as a traditional herb to overcome various diseases.

Monesco Krinkle comes with a choice of ginger flavor, which is very popular among Indonesian people. To bring a unique and different flavor, we chose ginger as an ingredient to add to the delights in each bite of Krinkle.

As for the benefits of ginger, as follows:

  1. Overcoming digestive problems
  2. Reduces nausea
  3. Reduces pain
  4. Helps detoxification process and prevents skin diseases
  5. Protects from cancer
  6. Anti-Inflammation
  7. Helps lose weight

Enjoy Your Krinkle

Krinkle is a type of biscuit that can be enjoyed whenever and wherever. With authentic flavor and sprinkle of sugar on top of it makes a sweet taste that fits the tongue. There are many ways you can try to enjoy Krinkle.

1. Dipping

One way to enjoy Krinkle is to dip biscuit into your drink. You can enjoy Krinkle by dipping it in coffee, tea, milk, milk tea, and various other beverages. You might sit down enjoying your morning beverage while chilling, with a pack of Krinkle.

2. Toppings

The second option is to add toppings on the Krinkle biscuit. You can combine Krinkle flavors with various toppings such as melted marshmellow, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate, caramel sauce, condensed milk, and the others.

3. Ice Ice Baby Ice

Ice cream will always be a good idea. This phrase applies for Krinkle as well. Have a cup or a cone of ice cream and spoon it with Krinkle. Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Chocolate Mint, etc sounds lit. let’s try!

4. Cake

With its unique shape, Krinkle can be used for cake decoration! Attractive decoration with delicious taste adds the beauty of your cake.



Monesco with all the technologies and innovations that have been carefully prepared has presented biscuits with unique Indonesian flavors that can be enjoyed by all people without any boundaries. We chose a distinctive taste of Indonesian agricultural products and chose special ingredients to add special flavors in every bite. All three flavors are chosen by considering the efficacy of each ingredient used and also to highlight the charm of Indonesia in the eyes of the world.

Now it’s your turn to choose