Our Product

Thin, crunchy, and tasty baked chips served for your perfection. Providing you with selected baked ingredients and variances of flavor to satisfy your daily temptations. With sparkling sugar on top of every slice, present you with 3 selections of flavor which are Coffee, Cinnamon, and Ginger. Dip your Krinkle into your day and night beverage, share the love with your loved ones and you are ready for the enjoyment.

Imagine a crunchy yet soft wafer with cream flavoring sandwich among them. Sweet, tasty, and tempting in every bite. Who doesn’t love it? Great anytime snack that comes in 4 different flavors for you to enjoy.

Round shaped assorted sandwich crackers with cream flavor. Doubling your delight and excitement. No more frown, because Kruster Round will never let you down.

Double may not be enough, we are taking it to the next level. With three layers of sandwich crackers and tasty cream flavor in between. Butter Cream and Chocolate Cream you can savor.

Cherish your memorable moments with our Dark Choco Sandwich Cookies filled with rich cream inside. Dark outside, Sweet inside.

Light, flaky, with authentic aroma of Malkist. Variances of plain, sweet, and cream coated crackers are ready to be your loyal companion.

Healthy cookies as a snack for children ages 1 -5 years. Made from potato starch with a mixture of Honey, Fish Oil, and GLUTEN FREE. Makes your child grow healthy and nutritious.

Share your special moments with Monesco Cookies, love on the first bite with irresistible aroma and taste of Butter and Coconut.