June 21, 2018 dari

This year, MONESCO aggressively penetrate new markets, proven in the last 2 months (April and May) MONESCO has participated in 3 food and beverage exhibition. We will provide information from one of the exhibition which we took part into.

THAIFEX 2018, yes, this is one of the fair exhibited by MONESCO on May 29-June 2, 2018, held at Impact Arena, Bangkok, Thailand which is located close to Don Mueang International Airport. We know that Thailand is one of the countries with huge food and beverage industry in Asia and in the world as well. The products offered are also very diverse, unique, and innovative. It also makes THAIFEX one of the major events in the ASEAN region for food and beverage industry. Therefore, exhibitors not only come from Thai industry, but also come from foreign countries such as from Indonesia, China, Korea, Argentina, Chile, Malaysia, Singapore and many more.

No wonder, we met most of our partners who are based overseas at this exhibition. This opportunity we also use to establish a deeper relationship with our partners and also plan big projects for the near future.

We also met so many prospective partners from Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Jordan, Iran, Qatar and Kuwait. We are pleased to introduce MONESCO further through this event and hope MONESCO will continue to expand its wings to the world.